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Article code ASP-OE2
EAN 8033373002854

OEM Speaker Level to Preamp with Bass Recovery

It’s difficult at best to change many factory head units. In addition there are any number of features and functions that are hampered or lost if the factory head unit is removed. The ASP-OE2 is an OEM adaptor designed for superior sound quality, with top end internal parts and Zapco’s custom built high precision pots. It is an active device including the line converter and a signal line driver that puts out 9.5V RMS and 14V peak signal voltage. With the ASP-OE2 your system will sound every bit as good with the factory head unit as it would with an aftermarket head unit.

Bass Recovery: If you are driving a fairly new car, you’re probably noticed that when you turn up the volume of the system the bass seem to drop out. That’s because the auto makers are actively equalizing your system. They do think to protect the the factory speaker from the damage when you crank up the volume. Well, even when you add amplifiers and speakers to the car, that factory head unit will still pull out the bass frequencies when you turn up the volume. One way to avoid the bass loss to leave the volume range of the head unit low and turn the gains of the amps way up. That way the head unit does not know how loud the system is.  Unfortunately this does terrible things to the sound. You can go here and we explain all about the factory roll-off and how the ASP-EO2 cures it. But for now, the important thing is that the OE2 can seamlessly put the bass back ino the systen regardless of the head unit volume control.

With the ASP-OE2, you can leave the amp gains down and get crystal clear mids and highs and rock solid bass from the factory head unit at every volume from quiet conversational back ground to setting-off-the- neighbor’s-alarm, ground pounding loud.



  • THD < 0.01%THD

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

  • Stereo Separation 90dB

  • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

  • Dimensions in mm: 119(W) x 39(H) x 102(L) Overall: 119(W) x 39(H) x 127(L)

  • Features and Functions

    • 2-Channels in/4-Channels out line driver at 9.5 Volt RMS, 14 Volts peak

    • Distribution preamp configurable for 2 or 4 channels

    • Dash bass remote

    • Bass Recovery for factory head unit

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