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2-Way Electronic Crossover

Most amplifiers today have a crossover built in, but the built-in crossovers are designed built for convenience not sound. An audiophile level crossover would be too big and too expensive to build into an amplifier. With a built-in crossover you are trading sound quality for convenience. The Zapco electronic crossovers are designed for people who don’t want to make that trade. Zapco crossovers are designed to provide the very best possible sound quality, and the versatility needed for the most advanced sound systems.

The Zapco ASP-2X is a highly versatile 2-way crossover with separate front and rear inputs. Like the ASP-4X, the ASP-2X was designed originally to compliment our new LX models of the Zapco Z-Series amplifiers. The LX are no-compromise, no holds barred , sound quality competition amplifiers and have no preamp functions other than input sensitivity. It takes a special crossover to meet the standards of an amp like the LE/LX Series, and the ASP-2X is just that special crossover.

To begin, the very same high end audio grade Elna Silmic ll capacitors and OP275 op-amps used in the ASP-4X are used in the ASP-2X( as in the other Zapco competition grade processors).  Another important factory in the sound quality is the quality of the control pots. They need to be clean, precise, and must not add distortion. Zapco went out the the maker of the finest pots around and had our own custom high precision pots built for our competition grade processors.

Then we built in all that Zapco versatility. With two high pass filters and a low pass filter, the 2X is a very unusual 2-way crossover. Like most 2-way crossovers the ASP-2X can be used to separate the bass signal from the mid/highs signal. But the addition of a X10 switch on each filter allows the high pass to range up to 4,500 Hz, so the ASP-2X can be used with an active tweeter. In the other end, the X10 switches on the second output allow the low pass bass filter and the sub-sonic filter to become a higher frequency band pass. So the ASP-2X can give you an active tweeter and a band passed mid-range.  And with the dual input system you can fade between the two outputs. If you set the band pass at its widest you can have high pass front with rear fill and fade.

Features and Functions


  • Extremely versatile for 2-way high/low, 2-way high/band pass, high pass front plus rear fill

  • Selectable band pass output 2 (rear)

  • Dual inputs allow fading

  • Selectable ground reference for noise elimination

  • 9.5 Volt RMS line driver

  • Remote bass control

  • Specifications


    • THD < 0.01%THD

    • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

    • Stereo Separation 90dB

    • Crossover Slopes 12dB

    • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

    • Dimensions in mm: 119(W) x 39(H) x 102(L) Overall: 119(W) x 39(H) x 127(L)

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