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Article code DRV-A601WDP
EAN 019048229397

Front & Rear View Recording: The Kenwood DRV-A601WDP includes two interior cameras - one to record in front of your vehicle and one to record behind your vehicle, all at the same time. When in Dual Camera Recording Mode, both cameras maximum recording resolution is 3.7 Megapixel (Quad HD). The rear camera must be turned off to enable 8.3 Megapixel recording (4K) from the front camera only.

  • Dash Cam: The dash cam captures clear videos and photos while you drive and while you are stopped. It utilizes a 1/2.5" CMOS image sensor with 8.3 million pixels for recording up to 4K (3840 x 2160) video, and features a F1.8 lens with a 130-degree field of view (FOV).
  • Rear Cam: The rear camera provides a clear, wide-angle video image thanks to its 1/2.8" CMOS image sensor with 3.7 million pixels, and a F2.0 lens with a 161-degree field of view (FOV).

Note: The DRV-A601WDP does not offer auto switching between the dash and rear cam. This is done manually.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): The Kenwood DRV-A601WDP utilizes WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology that easily records clear images in dark or well lit settings without underexposing or overexposing the image.

Polarized Filter: Attach the included polarized filter to the dash camera's lens to reduce windscreen glare and reflection. The filter has a rotating bezel, so that you can setup the reflection free lens exactly how you need to in your vehicle.

3 Video Recording Modes: The DRV-A601WDP offers 3 types of video recording modes - Manual, G-Sensor, and Parked.

  • Manual: Press the "Record" button and the unit will continuously record video in 1, 3, or 5 minute clips onto the inserted microSD card. The camera will automatically delete the oldest video files to make room for the most recent video clips (first recorded, first deleted), enabling the camera to continue recording even when the memory card is full.
  • G-Sensor: If the built-in G-sensor of the DRV-A601WDP detects an impact incident (such as a collision while in motion or a bump while parked), that recorded video file is locked and stored in the "Protected" folder to prevent being overwritten and to provide later access to the video. The G-Sensors sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium, or High.
  • Parked: When the vehicle is parked and turned off, parking mode becomes active once the unit does not detect any vibration for more than 5 minutes. If the vehicle is then subject to a collision or other physical impact, the camera powers on and automatically records 30 seconds of video. This feature requires the Kenwood's CA-DR1030 hardwire kit (sold separately).

Video/Photo/Audio Recording: The Kenwood DRV-A601WDP is able to record video and capture still images, as well as record audio.

  • Videos: The DRV-A601WDP records Ultra-HD 3850 x 2160 4K @30fps (Front Mode Only) or 2560 x 1440 Quad HD @ 30fps (Front & Rear Dual Mode) in H.264/MOV. Recorded video clip length can be set to 1, 3, or 5 minutes. You can also adjust the exposure level from -2 to +2.
  • Photos: In addition to recording Ultra-HD 4K video, the dash cam has the capability to capture 3840 x 2160 JPEG still images so that in the event of an accident, you can take photographs from inside the vehicle. You can adjust the exposure level from -2 to +2.
  • Audio: The dash camera is also equipped with an integrated microphone for recording audio (2ch PCM ) inside the car. A built-in speaker is provided for playback of recorded audio. It also features a HDMI output for the display of recorded audio/video on an external AV system.

Built-in GPS: Using its built-in GPS receiver, the DRV-A601WDP can also display and record the time and GPS position (longitude and latitude) directly onto the recorded video and still image files. You can also have the travel speed stamped on a video file.

microSD Card Slot: The dashboard camera is outfitted with a microSD card slot for the insertion of a microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC memory card (8GB-256GB; Class 10 or higher). Video, audio, and photos will be recorded onto your inserted microSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card in exFAT/FAT32. The storage on the microSD memory card will be split into three areas according to the type of recording - Protected, Video, and Photo. A 64GB microSD memory card is included.

microSD Card Size Recording Time
8GB 47minutes
16GB 94 minutes
32GB 141 minutes
64GB 376 minutes
128GB 752 minutes
256GB 1504 minutes

Note: The unit will automatically delete the oldest non-protected files to create space for new videos and photos.

3" LCD with Touch Controls: The Kenwood DRV-A601WDP features a 3" LCD screen for live video playback of the dash and rear cameras, as well as playback of your recorded videos from the dash and rear cameras. The 3" LCD screen has a resolution of 640 x 360 x RGB. The 3" LCD screen also displays time, date, GPS signal, recording status, and other important information. Touch-sensitive controls along both sides of the LCD screen operate Power, Menu, and Record functions.

Kenwood Dash Cam Manager App: The DRV-A601WDP supports the Kenwood Dash Cam Manager app (for Apple iOS 9.0+ and Android OS 5.0.2+) over a wireless 2.4GHz WiFi connection (802.11n/WPA2). With the Kenwood Dash Cam Manager app, you can easily manage the DRV-A601WDP's menu settings and recorded videos from your compatible smartphone via a wireless WiFi connection.

  • Review & Playback: You'll be able to review the video on your smartphone device with routing on Google Maps and driving information such as speed, G-sensor and trip distance.
  • Copy, Edit & Share: You'll also be able to copy videos onto your smartphone for editing and sharing to social media apps.
  • Settings & Firmware: In addition, you can adjust the dash cam's menu setting and update the firmware from your smartphone.

Kenwood Video Player Software: The Kenwood Video Player is a computer software application that lets you display video recorded with the DRV-A601WDP onto your Windows PC or Mac computer. It allows you to review and edit the DRV-A601WDP's recorded videos with your computer. Simply plug the dash cam into your computer using the included miniUSB-to-USB cable for display ("Read-Only") purposes. If you want to copy, delete, or edit files on your computer then remove the microSD card from the dashboard camera and use an external card-reader to connect to your computer. Your computer will need to meet the following system requirements -

  • Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, and 7. *Service Pack 1, Microsoft Visual C++, and Direct X XAudio2 must be installed on a Windows 7 PC.
  • Mac OS: Apple Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Mounting Options: The dash cam mounts in the front of your vehicle to the inside of the front windshield, while the rear camera mounts in the rear of the vehicle to the inside of the rear windshield.

  • Dash Cam: The dash cam offers two mounting options to secure the dash camera to your windshield. It comes with an adhesive mount and a suction cup mount. Mounting the dashboard camera to the center of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror will facilitate optimal video recording. The bracket allows you to adjust the angle of the camera once its mounted. Both, the adhesive and suction cup mount, attach to the camera magnetically. This allows you to quickly place and remove the dash cam from your vehicle.
  • Rear Cam: The rear camera features an integrated, adhesive mounting bracket that mounts to the inside of your back windshield. The mounting bracket enables you to adjust the viewing angle and position of the rear camera by up to 180-degrees. The rear dash cam includes a 26’ cable that connects to the front dash cam, allowing it to be installed in the rear of your vehicle. *The rear camera installs inside the vehicle; it does not install outside of the vehicle.

Note: Do not install this product in your vehicle if its location or use would obstruct the driver's clear view of the road or the operation of any vehicle airbag. It is also the driver's responsibility to know and comply with the laws, rules, and regulations of the driving location, including, for example, passenger privacy rights, and not to use the device in any location where its installation or use is prohibited.

Power Requirements: The dash camera is powered by the battery of your vehicle using the included cigarette lighter power adapter. The power adapter supports 12V and 24V applications. The cigarette lighter power adapter plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or 12V power port and features an attached 12.5' cable which plugs into the camera's miniUSB port. The rear camera comes with a 26' cable that plugs into the dash cam for power.

  • Auto On/Off: Once the DRV-A601WDP is connected to your vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port, the cameras will automatically turn on and off when your vehicle is started and turned off.
  • Super Capacitor: If power is lost, a built-in super capacitor prevents a recorded video file from being corrupted, as it provides enough power to allow the video file to close properly.


  • The DRV-A601WDP two camera system does not feature a built-in rechargeable battery. It must be plugged into a 12V or 24V power port of your vehicle.
  • A optional hardwire kit (CA-DR1030) is available and sold separately.

Dimensions: See below for the dash cam and rear cam measurements.

  • Dash Cam: 4.1875" (w) x 2.0" (h) x 1.625" (d)
  • Rear Cam: 2.5" (w) x 1.5625" (h) x 3.0" (d)
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