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Sealed Enclosure Applications: Kenwood recommends a sealed enclosure volume of 1.25 ft³ (0.8 ft³ to 1.8 ft³ acceptable). Sealed enclosures provide the most control over a woofer, will handle a lot of power, and provide accurate sonic reproduction, making them suitable for all types of music.

Ported Enclosure Applications: Kenwood recommends a ported enclosure volume of 1.5 ft³ (1.2 ft³ to 2 ft³ acceptable) with a 12¾" wide x 1⅜" tall x 29" long slot port. Ported (or vented) enclosures typically provide better overall efficiency than sealed, so they are suitable for use with smaller amplifiers, giving you more bass output from a given amount of power. However, this efficiency comes at the expense of very low frequency output.

Spring Terminals: The spring post terminals will accept pin connectors, single banana plugs, or bare wire up to 10-gauge.

Additional Measurements: When mounted without the trim ring, the sub has these measurements:

  • Mounting Height: 0.54"
  • Flange Height: 0.196"
  • Frame Diameter: 12.54"

Warranty Note: Although the information included with these speakers indicates a 1-year warranty, they are actually covered by the Kenwood eXcelon 2-year warranty.

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